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Treatments that are right for you.

UP Healing offer three healing treatments to choose from, Intuitive and Reiki Healing, Distance Healing, and a more intensive programme as part of Retreat packages. As a healer I am a conduit for energy vibrations, insomuch as I am giving healing, the full healing only happens when there is self-permission and acceptance to receive the healing energies. The treatments connect with your healing channels that your body is communicating through.

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Intuitive & Reiki Healing

Intuitive and Reiki healing are combined to respond to the energy flow of the individual. Intuitive healing is a process of insights communicated from the body. It works with the five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body, and uses visualisation as a key component to the intuitive ‘guided’ healing to help break down blockages to re-balance.

Traditionally and in its oldest form, Reiki is given by ‘laying on hands’ on the patient. Rei which means ‘the Higher Power’ and Ki which is ‘life force energy’. Reiki is the spiritually guided life force energy, and through the treatment this is channelled through the body.

The holistic treatment helps to rebalance the chakras in your body to enable a shift from having low energy to harnessing energy frequencies for improved wellness and instilling a sense of inner calm, and trust.

Reiki Treatment: £55 for 60 minutes.

Holistic Treatment: £110 for 120 minutes. (Save £40 when you book 4 sessions!)

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Intuitive & Reiki Healing

This treatment is where the energy is channelled to the individual wherever they are located rather than in person. Put simply, prayer is a form of distance healing and effective in aiding healing. The quantum connection between the healer and the individual is amplified as it spans time and space to generate deep sensing and communication.

There is some initial preparation by the individual prior to a session and this we discuss beforehand. Often individuals experience heightened senses and awareness and feel empowered through the experience of distance healing treatment.

Distance Healing: £55 for 60 minutes distance healing session over the phone or online in the UK or international via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime.

Cotswolds Distance Healing - Meditation in the workplace

Meditation: Wellbeing in the workplace

Meditation courses with organisations
I have the benefit of having worked with large organisations and have familiarity with the environment, people and culture of public and private sectors. She brings a tailored approach for the challenges faced by staff and in turn brings the added value of this understanding. Where organisations and roles are characteristic of a high pressured or reactive environment, the accumulative impact on staff can be detrimental to their wellbeing unless people have tools to self-manage their physical and emotional wellbeing.

‘Return to the Calm’ Meditation Course – Four Techniques
This course is designed for organisations to address emotional wellbeing by providing staff with the options of four meditation techniques that they can apply in any situation to self-manage stress and anxiety, day-to-day, to help bring balance. These techniques are designed to work at a cellular level to reconfigure habits, thought patterns, attitude and the handling of situations. Utilising these tools as a practice whether for two minutes or an hour helps the person to be more conscious and self-aware in their action and in turn bring about the change within that they intended.

‘Return to the Calm’ Meditation 
Provide staff with one meditation technique that focuses on being able to ‘switch off’ and let go of recurring thoughts to completely relax and be calm. Staff will be equipped with tools they can apply in any stressful situation and to use when they are unable to switch off for improved rest and sleep.

Meditation courses with individuals 
There are many benefits of meditating with a group. We explore practices for receiving wisdom from the body to cleanse emotional residue from past challenges and invite new perception and attitudes into our every day. The sessions include sharing and support in a held space. Location, UP Healing studio in GL10. Please get in touch to take part, suitable for all adults.

Please contact me for an outline proposal tailored to your organisation.

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Information & Preparation

Reiki and Intuitive healing is suitable for everyone. It connects and harmonises the body and mind to ease physical aches and ailments, reduce anxiety and stresses to the body. Through the Triangle Treatment, the sessions are focussed on healing mental anxiety, past hurts and traumas, and the karmic shadows that carry pain from a past life or ancestors. The process reveals and releases, it gives insights, allows dying-off of thoughts that no longer serve, and brings a refreshed sense of wellness and balance.

Before & Aftercare

Up Healing studio
Facilities: Treatment bench, blankets and cushions provided, washroom facilities.

Wear loose layers of clothing, preferably natural fabrics.


Avoid food at least 2-hours before treatment


Have plenty of water before and after treatment, and avoid any caffeinated drinks.


The healing continues for several days or longer as the energy continues to rebalance the body. Have plenty of rest, sleep more, eat lightly, soak your hands/feet or take a bath with Epsom salt


If you have any questions please contact me by email and leave your phone number and the best times to contact you. I hope you will understand that during treatments and my practice the phone is turned off so it is easiest if I can call you.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form of healing which spread from India to Tibet and China a few thousand years ago and has its roots in Sanskrit esoteric teachings that were guarded by monks. It was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 19th century through studying ancient Sanskrit teachings from the days of the Buddha and evolved through his experience, meditation practice and dedication.

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Silent Meditations

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Healing Touches

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