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I had a wonderful Reiki session with Usha. The guided meditation was a great way to feel grounded and prepare for the Reiki. Usha has a lovely, calm manner and the insights she gave after the session were very accurate and useful. I was feeling depleted from work and worries about my mum’s recent cancer diagnosis and the Reiki felt restorative and calming. Little did I know that we were about to enter the Coronavirus crisis and I’m sure my session with Usha has helped me cope with this too. I very much recommend her. Lesley

Thanks Usha for the lovely uphealing experience. Something I have not tried before but thoroughly enjoyed. I found the course of sessions very beneficial both from a relaxation point of view and in clearing out the stress and grief that I had built up.  Thanks again and looking forward to more sessions in the future. Liz

I did a course of sessions with Usha, she takes a very holistic and embodied approach to her work and I recommend this  for  taking a deep dive into understanding relationships and emotions. Robert

At first I was unsure what to expect, however from the very first point of contact Usha’s warmth and spirit immediately placed my mind at rest. I found this to be the start of an exploratory journey over several sessions and my rewards were a spiritual reawakening, developing my wellbeing, collectively focusing on mind, body and soul. Usha is a lovely lady and will intuitively guide youAndrew

On meeting Usha, you will be immediately struck by her joyous warmth and radiance. A compassionate, highly attuned and professional practitioner, Usha helped guide me through a complicated phase in my life. You will undoubtedly feel uplifted by being in her company and experience a deeper sense of wellbeing. Alison

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Meditation Course - Help with Interview Nerves

Despite multiple attempts at the promotion process in recent years, nerves and anxiety both before and during the process had resulted in a lack of success. In 2018, I undertook a series of meditation sessions with Usha over a four week period. Each session explored a different style of meditation and I was struck by the subtle differences that each individual meditation exercise had. Paul, Police Officer 2018



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Meditation Course - Help with anxiety and stress

Prior to attending Usha’s meditation course, I felt that everything was getting on top of me. There weren’t enough hours in the day to cope with life at home and at work. My mind just wouldn’t switch off!! After just four sessions, I can honestly say that I feel the benefits already. The different techniques, that Usha has taught me, give me the ability to take ‘time out’ and to feel more relaxed and positive, when I feel that things are getting too much. Usha has a very natural and spiritual aura, about her, that really releases a calming influence in the meditation practices – so I wasn’t surprised that I felt such a benefit after only four sessions. Her ability to explain why certain feelings and thoughts occur, during meditation, really helps you to understand how your mind and body react. Thank you Usha. Michele, Justice Officer

I have recently returned to work after being off work with anxiety/depression. As part of my recovery I was told to try meditation, which I have been doing, but it was good to see meditation being offered at work. The sessions were a ray of calming light in a hectic working week, and with the added stress of returning to work as well. The sessions were just the right amount of length in time, and the technique was explained at the beginning of the session. What I found was very good was that Usha voice was the right pitch for the talking parts. I could get into the session and in fact in my first session had to fight falling asleep as I was so tired and relaxed. Helen, Finance Officer

I have been suffering from Workplace induced Stress and Anxiety and am receiving treatment via work and my GP for my anxiety issues which were really starting to affect my work and personal life. I found Usha’s meditation sessions very beneficial, not just as a quiet time away but also as something I can implement in my work life, and also my home life. The breathing techniques she taught me have been very beneficial and I find myself breathing in blue light and out red ALOT at work! And the visualisation meditation is helping me figure out what is causing my anxiety. I have also found myself being a lot calmer and more focused after a sessionEmma HJ, Laboratory Officer

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the meditation sessions Usha ran recently. I have not attended such a course before so didn’t know quite what to expect. I found the sessions very relaxing and the fact that they were at lunchtime it was a nice way to break up the day and get a bit of space away from work to completely switch off. This was really beneficial and I felt refreshed and motivated when I did go back to work. Liz, Trainer and Quality Officer

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The coaching progress has helped me clarify my ideas and strategies in understanding my strengths and weaknesses. It has also enabled me to reflect which is something I find hard to do on my own. In addition Usha’s experiences and questioning process has enabled me to consider options I was previously unaware of. I am still in a transitional growth stage of my business but have learnt a lot of tools to take forward. Jo Hodson

Usha helped me to organise myself and my business in a way that gave me motivation and inspiration to take steps. Our conversations were structured, inspiring and purposeful. As a result, I always had a clear plan to follow, which took me a little out of my comfort zone but was 100% manageable. The actions helped me take small steps and kick-start things. I felt overwhelmed by all the ideas and requirements of running my business. Usha’s knowledge of running a small business was apparent as she asked me to complete activities that gave me a better insight into running my business. All in all, I have profited a lot from sessions and am very grateful to Usha for keeping me on track. Zsofia Kocsardi

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Retreats & Residential Stays

My husband and I had a wonderful time while staying with Usha. She couldn’t have made us feel more welcome.

Greet, New Zealand

Extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. Helped make my experience richer. Recommended.

Ofer, Florida

I think we struck lucky staying with Usha, she went out of her way to be helpful and generous. Definitely recommended!

Paul, UK

I really enjoyed staying in Usha’s pretty home and quiet area. I loved the talks with her and would definitely recommend staying here.

Nika, Germany

Usha is a very nice and everything is excellent.

Mohamed, Dubai

I have stayed at Usha’s house for 4 weeks and it has been a great experience. Her house is always in an impeccable state, it is a very confortable house to be in, but the most important part of it is that you feel as if you were visiting a friend of a friend. Usha is a very kind host and she does a lot to make you feel at home. I fully recommend people to stay with her. You will enjoy the company, the house and the surroundings.

David, UK

I only have one word to describe my experience with Usha; EXCELLENT. She´s an adorable host and offers a great atmosphere.

Felix, Barcelona

Usha is such a wonderful, kind, and friendly person. I couldn’t be happier with my stay here. I truly recommend this.

Mana, Ottawa

Both Usha and her home are lovely. Would definitely recommend to others!

Kacy, Columbia

Usha is a very pleasant and we had a nice time getting to know her, she was very helpful.

Ken, California

I had the best night sleep in this very comfortable and immaculate accommodation. Usha is an excellent host and made me feel very welcome into her home. Everything went very well without a glitch.


Usha was wonderful! She went out of her way to help us and she has a very inviting place to stay. Overall this was a fantastic first experience, we really got lucky!

Maria, Seattle

Recomendamos hospedarcen en esta habitacion es un ambiente muy tranquilo y Usha es una mujer encantadora, nos colaboro con informacion para miùovilizarnos mejor en la ciudad. Nosotros volveriamos a quedarnos alli.

Jenny, Columbia