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I relocated to Stroud in the summer of 2015 from London and found a vibrant and generous community to inspire my next phase of growth in developing my spiritual practice. The Stroud area is beautiful, scenic, cultural and alternative, and provided me with the perfect base to establish my UP Healing Studio. My background is varied and explorative, seeking out whatever enriches my spirit at the time. After studying at the Royal College of Art I lived and worked as an artist for a long time, and had studios in London and India and exhibited all over. I travelled a great deal, won travel awards, and worked as an Artist Educator in colleges, museums, and galleries, including a few years with the Tate Modern core team to help establish the gallery. This led me to get involved in project management and leading major initiatives, including the amazing once in a lifetime opportunity of being involved with the London 2012 Games and Legacy.

Alongside living the wonderfully crazy lifestyle of travelling and creating I led community projects with a range of people and abilities - from 'gifted and talented initiatives' for children, socially excluded teenagers, abused women, people with visual disabilities and cerebral palsy, and working with young offenders and witnessing them turn things around. I got more involved in project work in the arts, and then more strategically with physical regeneration and environment. I had a wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively with designers, artists, planners, engineers on the London 2012 Games where I led on the development for changing large physical environs, town centres and green spaces to make them better places for the socially deprived neighbourhoods that abutted the Olympic Park.

During this time I trained and developed my practice as a Reiki and Intuitive Healer, Lightworker, Conscious Collaborator and Coach. Presently my studio is in Stroud in beautiful surroundings of the Cotswold Way. My personal practices of yoga, meditation, sacred puja ceremonies and retreats are integral my giving healing therapy to others. The expansive quality of my personal spiritual exploration is what opens me to create an environment that is safe, diverse, inclusive, and confidential. My journey to healing has encompassed at the heart of it enquiring into mysticism, and reconnecting to the ancestral wisdom of my great grandmother. I trained under the Usui System of Natural Healing, and training in obsidian therapy with renowned and respected masters. I embrace and encourage that which makes people different to support you to fulfil your energetic purpose and I invite you into this healing frequency to share this experience together.

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My journey to healing has encompassed at the heart of it enquiring into mysticism, and reconnecting to the ancestral wisdom of my great grandmother. I also trained under the Usui System of Natural Healing, with a renowned and respected master.

Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Barbara Weber-Ray

Maureen O’Toole

Ellen Sokolow-Molinari

Don Alexander

Charmian Lesley Winser

Dr Paula Horan

Hjalmar Jonsson originally from Iceland

Reiki journey with Dr Paula Horan 1989

Usha Parmar (Reiki journey with Hjalmer Jonsson, First Degree 2013, Second Degree 2014, onwards in London)


Meditation wellbeing session in public sector organisations June 18 – ongoing


Digital Transformation projects in public sector

2012 Games & Legacy physical regeneration projects

Environment and regeneration projects and service reviews in public sector

Art education and creative workshops across London and UK


Usha’s involvement in community projects include:

Stroud Sacred Music Festival & Raga Babas

Fundraiser events for Stroud Food Bank, Stroud refugees, Youth projects

Workshops – Sprouting workshops at Urban Festival, and Reiki at green festivals across London


Obsidian Therapy – ongoing

Reiki Therapy Degree 1 and 2

Personal Development Coach

Small Business Coach

Prince 2 Project Management

Master of Arts in Painting at Royal College of Art, London

BA (Hons) Fine Arts, Birmingham