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Green Chakra Geometry Cotswolds Distance Healing

Reiki Healing

This holistic treatment helps to rebalance the chakras in your body to enable a shift from having low energy, to harnessing energy frequencies for improved wellness and instilling a sense of inner calm, and trust.

Purple Chakra Geometry Cotswolds Distance Healing

Qualified therapist & practitioner

My personal practices of yoga, meditation, sacred puja ceremonies and retreats are integral to my giving healing therapy to others.

Orange Chakra Geometry Cotswolds Distance Healing

My Studio

My studio is a place to get in touch with yourself, reflect, connect, re-collect and embrace ones truth.

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Reiki and intuitive healing

Reiki and Intuitive uphealing is suitable for everyone. It connects and harmonises the body and mind to ease physical aches and ailments, reduce anxiety and stresses to the body.

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Return to calm...

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Cotswolds Distance Healing - Reiki Head

I am a conduit for energy vibrations

My journey to healing has encompassed at the heart of it enquiring into mysticism, and reconnecting to the ancestral wisdom of my great grandmother. I also trained under the Usui System of Natural Healing, with a renowned and respected master.


Usha helped me to organise myself and my business in a way that gave me motivation and inspiration to take steps. Our conversations were structured, inspiring and purposeful. As a result, I always had a clear plan to follow which took me a little out of my comfort zone but was 100% manageable. The actions helped me take small steps and kick-start things. I felt overwhelmed by all the ideas and requirements of running my own business. Usha's knowledge of running a small business was apparent as she asked me to complete activities that gave me a better insight into running my business. All in all, I have profited a lot from sessions and am very grateful to Usha for keeping me on track. 

Sofia Kocsardi, Client

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Connect with me

If you have any questions please contact me by email and leave your phone number and the best times to contact you. I hope you will understand that during treatments and my practice the phone is turned off so it is easiest if I can call you.